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“*no guarantee that result will be the same as it might vary from one individual to another”


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*no guarantee that result will be the same as it might vary from one individual to another

Laser is used in medical science on a vast scale since couple of decades. It is used in extremely complicated surgical operations, where delicacy and precision, both are essential. Corneal surgery is an example of use of laser in both invasive and non-invasive way of application. Revlite Treatment is a modern and sophisticated technique of cosmetic surgery. In this technique the application of laser is non-invasive. In this advance technique skin is rejuvenated in an natural way as new collagen cells are stimulated under the action of laser and this phenomena leads to firming of skin resulting in disappearance of fine lines, resolving aging and wrinkle problems, and a new younger look appears. This advanced skin laser treatment is a modern,harmless, painless and safe technique to resolve certain ailments of skin like hyper pigmentation, suntans, acne scars, freckles, liver spots, relaxed skins, excessive oily skin, and to diminish tattoos. Increased pollution and a very long exposure to sun leads to hyper pigmentation, discoloration, red appearance and large pores. Brown age spots and photodamage are also resultant of aging and exposure to sun. Revlite is a technique which resolve all these problems with delicacy and rapidly. It is a quick process. Normally a treatment take 15 to 45 minutes according to intensity and size of skin problem. So, upto six treatments can be done with an interval of 3 to 4 weeks according to condition. Though it is a painless procedure of treatment but local anesthesia can be applied on customer demand. The intensity of pain is like a mild sting or a snap of a thin rubber ban, so normally application of local anesthesia is discouraged.

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*no guarantee that result will be the same as it might vary from one individual to another

Revlite Procedure Abu Dhabi:

Revlite is a unique laser treatment procedure. In revlite treatment the wavelength of light during treatment is determined very carefully according to the quality of skin to be treated. This leads to address only abnormal parts of skin. In this technique epidermis (Outer layer of skin) is not removedwhich results in a speedy healing and keep patient away from pain and hyper sensitivity of skin. Revlite laser system is equipped with most advanced photoaccoustic technology pulse (PTP) with upto 60% more powerful and a very narrow pulse width that make it possible for physician to provide a précised and result oriented treatment. It is a very unique system which not only provide photoaccoustic effect but also photothermal effect, providing a perfect skin treatment. Revlite is equipped with a laser guidance system which insure to apply laser with optimum accuracy for optimum cure result. A multi purpose, multi wavelength laser with maximum power for a diversified range of curative effect on all skin types, with high speed shutter to produce nano second pulse width enabling an effective procedures with less thermal effect and increased safety is applied.

During face treatment, laser protecting goggles are placed over eyes and skin is cleaned thoroughly. After revlite treatment, a red appearance or slight burning can be noticed, which disappear in two to three hours. In rare cases the red appearance can persist for 4 to 5 days and it happen after treatment of hyper pigmented skin or intensity of problem. Rejuvenation of skin resulting in stimulation of collagen cells under laser action continued for several months and a long lasting new younger look is enjoyed for a long time.

Patient can turn to his/her daily routine and can apply make up after revlite treatment after a few minutes. Only care is to avoid direct sun exposure and if necessary, apply sunblock with high SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

Revlite Tattoos removal:

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*no guarantee that result will be the same as it might vary from one individual to another

Tattoos removal is somehow a difficult treatment and require a long time in certain cases i.e. from 5 to 15 treatments. The color pigments used in making tattoos are of different natures. Some can be removed easily, like dark blue, black and red. While green and sky blue are stubborn and most difficult to remove. Conventional laser technologies are equipped with two wavelengths which is not capable of removing green and sky blue colors. While revolutionary and advanced revlite technology with nano second pulse and 100% enhanced four wavelengths make’s it possible to shatter and disappear these color pigments safely and successfully with minimal risk of skin burns.


The beneficial effects of this nano second, multi wavelength equipped, quick treatment are progressively continued in future for a long time in comparison to conventional cosmetic surgical treatments. This distinguished feature make the revlite first choice for the persons with certain skin complications

It is obvious from the comments of thousands of satisfied customers and doctors worldwide, who believe that revlite laser is a safe, natural and best result oriented cosmetic surgery treatment. It is quick, accurate and easy to operate system.

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