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Smart Skin Infusion and Peeling (Meso Jet)

This procedure softly cleanses and massages the face, smooths wrinkles, improves lymphatic drainage, as well as nourishes the skin with oxygen and nutrients. The patient feels on the face fresh sea wind. The treatment triggers an ACTIVE stimulation of cells, smooths wrinkles, diminishes acne, improves skin elasticity. One of the other benefits is an active skin tightening after peeling.

Massage Jet Peel feels very pleasant, immediately after the procedure you will be surprised by the appearance of the skin and the feeling of lightness and freshness. Mesojet is one of advanced aesthetic treatment that produces outstanding results allowing practitioner to administer a range of non invasive relaxing skin care. Mesojet technique can be used for Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkles, Scars, Skin Pigmentation, Acneic and oily skins, hypercheratosis, light, medium or deep peeling, hydration and skin oxygenation, Skin mincrocirculation stimulation and crio tonification, repairing process enhancement, lymphatic drainage and hair & Scalp treatment

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Needle-Less Mesoglow

Skin renewal, anti-ageing, rejuvenating dry, dull, tired and sun damaged skin. The meso Glow treatment boosts promotion of production of natural skin tightening components. the skin looks hydrated and firm. The results can be noticed after single session of Meso Glow.

Meso Glow starts with cleansing of skin, the Skin is infused with minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, through micro injections, for glowing skin, the mask of Vitamin C is applied for further benefits and radiant skin. Moisturizer is used to complete the Meso Glow process.

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Needle-Less Mesotherapy

Stay always young and beautiful is the cherished desire of every woman.

Facial Mesotherapy gives a wonderful rejuvenating effect, decreases the quantity of wrinkles, improves skin complexion and increases skin elasticity.

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