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Icoone treatment

DewDerm offers icoone treatment in Abu Dhabi which offers completely ‘made-to-measure’ beauty treatments delivered through a combination of different facial and body care programs designed to meet the needs of men and women of all ages.

Unlike all other technologies, icoone gives the skin and the dermis a genuine ‘workout’ and can be used to treat the whole body, including the most delicate areas (like the eyes, bust, neck, inner arms, inner thighs), with no pain whatever, and giving a sensation of wellness and relaxation.

The icoone treatment at DewDerm, Abu Dhabi generates increased flow in the blood microcirculation and in the lymphatic system, improves fibrillar slippage, and stimulates fibroblasts. The results are plain to see from the first few sessions: tissue fibrosis is reduced, lipolysis stimulated, and collagen production boosted. The skin is regenerated, looking more compact and toned. The treatment is non-invasive and produces a deep sense of well-being.


The multi-fractionated massage generated by icoone guarantees optimum results even in the most difficult of cases, as shown by numerous scientific studies and confirmed by countless satisfied customers.

Results are noticeable from the first few sessions and monitored by specialist icoone operators, via dedicated reference graphs, measurements and photographs.

A check-up conducted after every 5 sessions serves to assess the progress being made toward the expected goals.

A complete cycle of treatment is needed — generally 10-15 sessions — to ensure that the desired outcome will be achieved. The normal practice is to schedule 2 or 3 sessions per week.

Thereafter, 1-2 sessions per month will be sufficient to maintain the results achieved.

DewDerm offers icoone treatment in Abu Dhabi, with special discount package and Free Consultation. Call us now at 026661230 or fill up the form to book a free consultation with doctor.

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