Gentle Milk Peel

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Gentle Milk Peel in Abu Dhabi

Milk Peel

Milk Peel (Peeling Formula) utilizes natural extract from sour milk (lactic acid), papain (enzyme from papaya), and salicylic acid (from natural plants). Milk Peel provides a safe skin exfoliation process without side effects often associated with phenol and TCA peels.

Gentle Milk Peel in UAE

Gentle Milk Peel Treatment is a unique way to achieve excellent skin improvements without visible skin exfoliation. This method is applicable to most skin types and is risk-free for estheticians. It combines Fruit Complex Formula and Peeling Formula to impart the benefits significantly more than any alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHA Treatment).

Gentle Milk Peel before

Improvements in elasticity, skin tone and skin smoothness plus the reduction of fine lines are the major benefits of this treatment. It is recommended to perform this treatment once per week. A treatment period usually includes 4 consecutive treatments. It is highly recommended to stop for one month before starting a new treatment period (to minimize possible hyper-pigmentation).

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