• Cellulite: What are the tricks that work?

    Cellulite: What are the tricks that work?

    Female nightmare, cellulite has various causes and almost as many remedies. Despite the multitude of products anti-skin orange, there is no silver bullet! The positive results seem to be obtained by combining several methods.


    On June 17, 2011, the Summer Council finally authorized non-invasive lipolytic targeting techniques for lack of evidence of their dangerousness. These were prohibited by a decree of the Ministry of Health on April 11, 2011. For more information, read our article “Non-invasive lipolysis ultimately authorized.”

    Treatments are especially useful on nascent cellulite. However, on installed cellulite, they are often challenging and disappointing. However, many solutions today allow fighting against cellulite.

    Prevention is base on a dietary regime (which limits alcohol, sweetened or starchy foods) and a healthy lifestyle combining a practice of sports such as swimming or other endurance sports. It is important to stay from a childhood within a theoretical normal weight range, so as not to see “cellulite islands” that are difficult to dislodge.

    Anti-Cellulite Creams

    Once the cellulite installed, an appropriate diet and a sporting activity remain the basis of the treatment. However, cosmetic laboratories regularly issue products aimed at combating this phenomenon. To learn more about these anti-cellulite products, see our article on anti-cellulite care.

    Cellulite But against cellulite, these slimming products remain ineffective if they are not supplemented with an anti-cellulite shock program. To evacuate cellulite, massage the affected areas is the most effective gesture. Acting as a drainage, it promotes the reduction of water retention and elimination of toxins. Anti-cellulite creams can be used for the massage, but a body moisturizer will fit just as well.

    Anti cellulite device: what works

    Some devices propose to improve this massage, combining an aspiration and an efficient mechanical “palper rouler” massage. This procedure was developed in France in the late 1970s against bedsores. Improved skin texture in the treated persons led to an aesthetic use by the Cellu M6 ® of LPG Systems ®, whose head catches the skin between two rolls. This rotation force winds and unwinds the skin fold formed by suction and a transverse movement given by the lateral flaps which adapt to the thickness and the condition of the tissues encountered. The strength of the aspiration varies according to the volume of the cellulite and the tone of the skin to be treated. LPG Systems patent this technique known as endermologie.

    The effectiveness of endermologie ® now based on various studies. One published research on 85 people aged 21 to 61 years has shown that 46 patients presented after seven sessions an index of reduction of body circumference of 1, 34 cm and 39 patients after 14 sessions of 1.83 cm.

    The anti-captions surgery

    If these treatments are ineffective, the gestures of surgical gestures will be prescribed by your mediator. From treatments possibles on can quote:

    Electroprolysis, based on the action of a very low-energy electric energy reduces the volume of grains in provoking its use and accelerating the drainage of toxins;
    The use of ultrasounds that bombard the grafted cellulose transforms its lipid fluid transformation into elimination by the natural voids. Certains apparels are intended to include the ultrasounds and the palm rouler;
    The liposuction or liposuction that enables the correction to be more important as an aspirant of the localized cellular cells;
    Other techniques, including Lipotomy, are the injection of a product that prepares adipocytes in an ultrasound treatment or the action of an elective power supply.
    The accumulated gray quantity is the result of dietary habit, physical activity and branding listings up to date. In conclusion, the sole proportions against cellulite are the global shrinkage of the weight. The endermology® may be the result of the temporary effects on the peak’s appearance. Dan’s absolute case, the liposuction (liposculpture) can take the long run results.

    Once the trait is done, it will continue to surveil your system and to enter your form. The fight against cellulite is a war of all the instances!

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